How to Share location using Whatsapp on iOS

Sharing is the most common word if we are talking about modern communication technologies. We are sharing not only our views & thoughts, likes & dislikes, our feeling more over our day to day activity. Social sites also help us to share our check-in & locations so our friend and family know where are we in the precious moment. Sharing location can be an easier way to guide someone to your place and sometimes its worth of life-saving.

Whatsapp on iOS makes it easy to share your location with your Whatsapp contacts through this app. On iOS, Whatsapp not only uses Google map but also use Foursquare to send share your location to your contacts.

Before sharing someone your location you must enable location service for Whatsapp on your iOS by following steps.

  1. Go to settings → Tap on Privacy.
  2. Tap on Location Services → Scroll down to Whatsapp and Tap on It.
  3. Tap on While Using the App under Allow Location Access.

Pretty simple, isn’t it? Now let’s share location using Whatsapp on iOS.

  1. Launch Whatsapp.
  2. Open a conversation where you want to share your location.
  3. Tap on the +
  4. This opens a menu with a list of items that you can share. Choose “Share Location.”
  5. Whatsapp will detect your current location and display it on the map.
  6. Tapping on the “Send Your Location” button will send your location a map with an indicator to follow.

Or if you want to send any other location near you or where you are not present physically just tap on the particulars location, it will not only the map but also send written address of the location with the red pin.

This is how you can share your location via Whatsapp on iOS. The receiver can see your location via Whatsapp or any other third party application.

Now you know how you can share your location with friends and families via Whatsapp on iOS. This feature mainly uses to coordinate with your loved ones but it also has potential safety and security benefits too. So feel free to share your location and stay safe.

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