How to Start a Blog in 10 minutes

There are many ways by which you can establish your blog. The most preferred method of creating a blog is the WordPress. For a successful blog you have to invest time but before making a blog successful we will need at first to create it.

Use these steps to start your blog in 10 minutes or less than that and this method is absolutely free.

Step #1

At first plan or decide on what you will blog about. Choose your niche of blogging and then think of a domain name that relates to your niche.

Step #2

The first step was all about thinking and developing plans. In the second step, you will have to start working towards creating your blog. Choose a blogging platform. I recommend using WordPress because its free of cost, there are a lot of themes available to customize your blog and more than 40,000 plugins by which you can smoothly run your blog.

Step #3

Get a domain and remember that your domain should be easy to type, and remember. Getting a good domain is important because it affects your Google search ranking. Domains are provided by many websites but remember only to choose brandable domain names.

Step #4

In this step, you will have to install the WordPress on your blog’s web host. Actually, web hosting is a service in which your blog becomes accessible to everyone on the internet. The hosting stores all the files and folders on your blog’s website. All the HTML and CSS scripts are stored in web hosting. Try to get a good web hosting platform because it will increase your blog efficiency, sign up for it and choose the most suitable hosting plan for you. After getting your required hosting, install WordPress in it. In most of the web hosting WordPress option is already added, so by using it install WordPress.

Step #5

Now customize your blog at first Choose a theme for your blog. You can get a lot of free theme from WordPress library. Choose a design which will make users read the posts easily. After customizing you are ready to create posts and pages. For adding a new post you can do it by the options available on your WordPress admin panel. A full word processing application will appear and it will help you to create your post. Further customization is possible through Dashboard menu that appears on the left hand side of the WordPress. The main advantage of using WordPress is that there is no need for advance programming just we need to work and understand simple steps to design our blog or website.

Step #6

In the last step, it is the time to publish the posts and make your blog visible to other users. Promote your blog or use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) tricks to get a good ranking in Google search list. SEO plays a big role in making your blog popular and for gaining viewers. After getting viewers and subscribers, monetize your blog with some Ads publishing companies to get income by just showing 2-3 ads per page.

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