How to turn off Raise to Wake in iPhone on iOS 10

Smartphones have become an intricate part of our daily lives. They empower individuals to perform otherwise stressful and time-consuming tasks in no more than a few minutes. I personally think the growth and development of smartphone technologies, the reason a majority of us users depend on them so much is not just a question of convenience, I believe it’s much simpler; To do more in a far less amount of time.

The “Raise to Wake” feature on iPhones is one of such features. I mean it’s beautiful, and pretty useful too when it comes to viewing notifications. The sheer fact that you are currently reading this article implies that you are not new to this feature which is why I am quite conflicted as to whether to give some back-story, some history about this feature that was first seen with the initial release of the iOS 10 in September 2016.

Okay, I think I have said a lot about the topic so now let’s get down to it. Turning off “Raise to Wake”. The steps involved are pretty much simple, straightforward and not complex at all. Four (4) steps are all we need:

STEP 1: Visit the Settings app. It’s that gray icon that bears a resemblance to gears, I’m sure you’d find it.

STEP 2: Navigate to the “Display and Brightness” option in the settings app.

STEP 3: In the resulting page, you will find a switch button that reads, “Raise to Wake”. That’s what we’re looking for!

STEP 4: The most obvious step of them all, turn the darn thing off. It should turn from green to white.

I must say though before I conclude that I personally don’t understand why anyone might need to turn off such a beautiful feature. Maybe you are a bit old-fashioned, or maybe you just love the tactile feedback when the home button is pressed, especially on the iPhone 7, that I must say I am guilty of. But don’t judge me, I’m a child at heart.

Well, for whatever reason you needed to turn that option off, I’m sure it is valid and I do hope I was of help.

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