How to use Drag and Drop on iPad

iOS 11  was released on September 19, 2017. As like the other iOS updates iOS, 11 updates introduced many useful features to the users. “Drag and Drop” feature is one of the best among them.

Taking the advantage of multi-touch, Drag and Drop feature lets you manage, share and move items like photos, videos, link or texts between other supported apps on the iOS device. iPad takes the advantage of its large screen making the feature more practical and easy to use.

The user can use the feature by holding one finger on an item and dragging it to the place where the user wants to share or move it. While doing it, the user can use another finger to scroll or jump to other apps instantly. A user can bring the dock by simply swiping up from the bottom of the screen and open an app from the dock or hovering the item over the app will automatically open the app that user wants to use. The user can also share the item using multitasking by going to the multitask screen by pressing the home button twice with other fingers.

Multi-finger gestures can also be used to jump between apps to drop the item. Like if the user wants to move between the recent apps he can simply swipe the screen with three or four fingers of his other hand. When the user wants to go to the home screen, the user can pinch the screen with four or five fingers. For this, multi-touch gestures need to be enabled in settings.

Multiple items can be selected by tapping on other items. So, uploading multiple files on iCloud is easier than ever. Apps on the home screen can also be selected like this. The user can share links from safari to other apps or add the link to favorite bookmarks.

This excellent feature gives iOS users the freedom to share anything instantly at anywhere and anytime. Though iPhones running on iOS 11 also support this feature, but very limitedly as the items can only be moved within the same app. So, the iPads are the perfect device to use this great feature with its large screen, multi-touch and more usability of the feature.

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